Regional Standards and Halal Testing Laboratories (RSHTL)


Has been established to cater to the testing and analysis need of the region particularly the food industry.

Its also plays an important role in the development of Halal Industry in the ARMM.




RSHTL hopes to offer  range of services when fully equip with all the necessary laboratory equipment and facilities such as…. 

1. Physico-Chemical analysis of food, feeds and water such as proximate analysis (protein/nitrogen, crude fat, moisture, ash), and pH

2. Microbiological analysis such as Aerobic Plate Count, Total coliform/Faecal coliform, Heterotrophic Plate Count

3. Analysis of non-halal contaminants (pork, fats, lard, gelatin and alcohol) in food, water  and cosmetic products through PCR,Elisa , Porcine Processed Food detection Kit, and GC-MS methods


Capacity Building Program

-Laboratory personnel were continuously attending local and international trainings to upgrade their knowledge and skills on laboratory analysis.

1. trainings on equipment operations and maintenance

2. training on chemical and microbiological testing of food and water

3. Molecular Biology  Training and Workshop using PCR and Elisa


Laboratory Test/Analysis 


-Analyzed two (2) processed meat products to determined whether it contains pork or its derivatives.  One (1) product (hotdog) showed a positive result using the Porcine Processed Detection Kit.