As leader in the advancement of science and in the generation, promotion and utilization of technologies for maximum economic and social benefits.




  • Catalyst of s & t development.
  • Develop and implement s & t programs and projects.
  • Provider of quality s & t services.




Provide scientific and technological support to social programs and services addressing the needs of the poor and vulnerable sectors of society. Harness s & t for enhancing productivity and global competitiveness of economic production and services sectors with consideration to environmental protection. Accelerate the development of the region’s scientific research and technological innovation system.




The DOST-ARMM shall provide central direction, leadership and coordination of all scientific and technological efforts and ensure that the results there from are geared and utilized in areas of maximum economic and social benefits of the people in the region. As such, it shall formulate and implement policies, plans, programs and projects for the development of science and technology and for the promotion of scientific and technological activities for both the public and private sectors, and ensure that the results of such scientific and technological activities are properly applied and utilized to accelerate economic and social development. ft shall, also, continuously review the state and needs of science and technology in the context of the country and region’s development goals.




Science and technology are essential element for the attainment of national and regional development and progress. To attain this objective, it is hereby declared a regional policy to:


  • Support and encourage local scientific and technological, efforts that address national and local problems and positively contribute to national and regional development;
  • Promote the development of local capability in science and technology to achieve technological self- reliance in selected areas that are vital to national and regional development;
  • Support and encourage public and private sector partnership aimed at accelerating self-reliance in selected areas, and;
  • Encourage and support private sector initiatives in science and technology and provide the necessary incentives and assistance to enable the private sector to take increasing responsibility and a greater role in the country’s and region’s research and development efforts.




1.) Modernization of production sector thru massive technology transfer from domestic and foreign sources


  • Identification and acquisition of relevant superior technologies for transfer and commercialization
  • Financial resources generation from all sources (foreign and local)
  • Establishment of common services, facilities, and processing center


2.) Upgrading of Research and Development (R&D) capability through intensified activities in high priority sectors


  • Formulation and implementation of regular R&D programs which involve the development of new and improve products for local materials and
  • Upgrading of S&T services and facilities for testing, standard development and product improvement in ARMM enterprises especially to export industries.


3.) Development of S&T infrastructure including Institution Building, Manpower Development, and Development of S&T Culture.


  • Expansion of the implementation of S&T scholarship and all other S&T related HRD programs in all academic levels
  • Provision of incentives for S&T manpower,
  • Strengthening GOs, NGOs, Academe, LGUs, and the private sectors linkages,
  • Promotion and conduct of regular science and technology related activities,
  • Strengthening S&T Multi-Media Programs and conduct of dialogues and consultation.




The DOST-ARMM shall perform the following powers and functions:


  • Formulate and adopt a comprehensive Regional Science and Technology Plan, including specific goals, policies, plans, programs and projects, and monitor and coordinate its funding and implementation by all government agencies and instrumentalities;
  • Promote, assist, and where appropriate, undertake scientific and technological research and development in those areas which are determined to be vital to the country’s and region’s development;
  • Promote the development of indigenous technology and the adaptation and innovation of suitable imported technology, and in this regard, undertake technology development up to commercial stage;
  • Undertake design and engineering works to complement its research and development functions;
  • Promote, assist, and where appropriate, undertake the transfer of the results of scientific and technological research and development to the end-users;
  • Promote, assist, and where appropriate, undertake technological services needed by agriculture, industry, transport and the general public;
  • Develop and maintain an information system and data-bank on science and technology for use by both the public and private sectors;
  • Develop and implement, together with other entities concerned, programs for strengthening scientific and technological capabilities in the relevant discipline through manpower training and through infrastructure and institution building and rationalization, in both public and private sectors;
  • Promote public consciousness in science and technology;
  • Undertake policy research, technology assessment studies, feasibility and technical studies;
  • Administer scientific and technological scholarships, awards and grants;
  • Develop and improve scientific and technological education and training;
  • Administer scientific and technological incentive and career system;
  • Conduct research and development on information technology and advanced fields; and
  • Undertake venture financing.



Mandate, Functions and Officials

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